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Traffic control plans are crucial for worker and road user safety during temporary traffic works.

Temporary traffic works

Road Manager Admin | April 28, 2023
Traffic control plans for temporary traffic works are essential to ensure the safety of both workers and road users during construction or maintenance activities on or near roadways.

Safety first

admin | March 15, 2023
Our main priority at Road Manager is to help you keep your workers safe out on the road. Using Road Manager to draw your traffic plans allows you to manage your temporary traffic works live and in real time. If your crews make any changes while in the field, every detail can be recorded in […]

Start 2023 with Road Manager

admin | February 1, 2023
The start of a new year is a great time to try out new things. If you’re a traffic or construction company, a local government or police department, choosing Road Manager for your traffic planning is a great way to start the year. If you want to draw easy and safe plans for your team, […]

Share your plans with a link

admin | December 15, 2022
We’ve made it easier to share plans without having to sign up to Road Manager. You can now share your plan through a weblink. Just select the plan you wish to share in the list of plans, select share in the preview window and then click on ‘Via Link’ and generate the link. This is […]

Snap to road tool

admin | December 6, 2022
Road Manager CEO Christine Keyes says the new snap to road tool will save valuable time for customers from Dublin to Darwin to Denver. “Whether you’re building a highway or closing roads for maintenance this new feature makes it easier and faster to draw your plans,” she said. According to Managing Director Brendan McNally the […]