Road Manager is always improving. Our development team has been busy adding new features to Road Manager. Thanks to all our customers who have made suggestions. This month we have made it easier to delete single vertex points. We\’ve also made improvements to printing, allowing you to choose between high and low resolution printing.  Keep reading to see the full list of updates, some handy shortcuts and what we\’re working on.

  • Search map locations on the blue screen
  • Print quality selection between low and high resolution
  • Live mode can be turned on and off from all screens through a button
  • Right click on line and polygon to delete single vertex points
  • Taskbox preview panel now displays the dates and times of plans
  • Road pavement and imported images can be locked to make it easy to draw over with tools and signs
  • Added colour selection on additional basic tools including the circle number and pin location
  • Distance and angle display can now be added to any line tool through the Elements Properties panel with the ability to change the colour of the text display
  • Locate Latitude and Longitude coordinates through the new coordinates tool in the top toolbar or through the map search window
  • Surveying tools additions in the basic tools section

Shortcuts and tools to remember:

  • After placing objects on the map right click anywhere on the map to automatically select the \’Select tool\’ in the top toolbar
  • Copy and paste by Control C and then Control V
  • Select multiple objects at once to move or copy by:

– Using the multi select tool in the top toolbar

– Windows – Ctrl + Mouse click on objects

– IOS – Command + Mouse click on objects

  • Once finished importing images or drawing your road layer press the lock in the top toolbar so you don\’t keep selecting it when adding your infrastructure
  • Go through and select your tools and set your defaults that work for you so you don\’t have to keep changing your settings.
  • Use the print region in the top toolbar for your plans to make the printing fit your plans easier.

We regularly make improvements to Road Manager based on customer feedback. Please keep the suggestions coming in to
Bug fixes:

  • Imported images shifting when printed
  • File downloads on iOS mobile devices

Updates to come:

  • Enhanced ability for the selection of objects on the map
  • Flip objects on the map
  • Multi resize of similar objects
  • Rotate of multiple objects at once
  • Copy and paste of objects between plans
  • Link base map opening on the blue screen to the user selected view
  • Update to inventory display so it can be added to the plan automatically
  • Additional paper format selections for printing
  • Additional road drawing tools for quicker road drawing
  • Favourites tab and grouping for tools and signs
  • Snapshot tool
  • Legend tool
  • Custom signs tool
  • File structure changes for moving files between folders and plan sets
  • KML/KMZ (GIS file) import feature
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